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Land Rover Range Rover Vogue LCD Air-conditioning Monitor installation

Land Rover Range Rover Vogue LCD Air-conditioning Monitor installation

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Land Rover Range Rover Vogue For The New LCD Air-conditioning Monitor installation Process

As the owner of the old Range Rover Vogue car, I am very fond of the sense of technology brought by the dual-screen Range Rover after the 18th model. The modified car dashboard is upgraded to a dual-screen entertainment system, and the air conditioner is replaced by a full LCD display from the original physical button panel control, full of sense of technology.

By chance, after introduction, I learned of a new style of air-conditioning LCD screen dedicated to the old Range Rover Vogue. I liked it at a glance. After briefly discussing the price, I went directly into the car. During the modification process of the store, I was driven by personal curiosity. , Record the entire installation process, feel worth sharing with other friends.














The technician carefully lifted the decorative strip from the edge with a rocker, and took it off directly

After the decorative strip is removed, you can see the inner structure of the upper car dashboard screen

Remove the decorative strips on the left and right of the original air-conditioning control board

The original car air-conditioning control component and the decorative board can be separated. The decorative board is fixed with a button and can be taken off when it is cocked.

Unscrew the fixing screws around the air conditioning control unit

Unscrew the iron frame screws around the upper screen and remove them

Take off the air-conditioning components directly and unplug the original car

Next, enter the installation process immediately

Tighten the screws of the air conditioner display

Put the iron frame around the screen on the original car back to its original position

Put back the decorative strips on both sides

Finally, the technician aligns the decorative strip of the screen on the original car with the original car, put it back, and the installation is complete.

The installation has been completed in less than an hour. The whole process is non-destructive installation. The original car's air-conditioning plug is directly plugged in. The original car's structure is customized, so the installation is very fast. If you have tools, you can install it yourself.

Display mode design, there are two modes of day and night respectively

The entire interface style is the same as that of the 18 models. The functions of the original car can be operated directly on the screen, which is full of technological sense and satisfaction.

Simple experience of the entire screen, the function is very simple and easy to understand, the original air-conditioning function is directly replaced by the touch screen operation, intuitive and clear, and at the same time full of smart technology sense, compare the dual screens of 18 Range Rover modified models online, and modify The effect of the latter air-conditioning display is very satisfactory, and I am very relieved to see that there is no line to the original car during the modification process.

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