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How to install car navigation?

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How to install car navigation?


  1. We removed the CD player of the car, If you can't open it, Go to the Internet to see the dismantling process of your own brand of cd player, There are usually several interior panels with screws,You can see the screws by tilting down the interior panel.





2.Use a screwdriver to remove the four screws from the CD player, Be careful of the screws falling into the car during this process.




3.After removing the screws, Gently take out the cd player. There are two plugs at the back, break the clip, and separate the wiring harness from the cd player.





4.Before installing the navigator, We should install the GPS antenna for navigation first,From the co-pilot position of the car, Put the antenna inside the table,Then put the GPS antenna up right and stand on the far right side of the table, Stand it up because the signal is the best in this case.





5.Use it to navigate, Install the original plug-in method, Connect with navigation,After docking, you should fix the long wire with tape, This can prevent the harness from colliding with the car to make noise when driving.





6.Then tighten the screws in the original way, Buckle up the interior panel and it's ok.


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